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What are the Lions Clubs all about?
One of the main objectives of all Lions clubs is aiding the prevention of sight and hearing loss.  We provide eyeglasses and hearing aids for people in our community who cannot afford them.  Our slogan is "We Serve," a simple yet accurate description of what we do.

When was the Lions Club founded?
Lions Clubs have been serving communities worldwide since 1917.  The Holton-Twin Lake Chapter, one of several clubs in the Muskegon County area, was founded in 1995.

Who can join the Lions Club?
Anybody!  We're a non-profit group of volunteers made up of neighbors and friends, just like you!

Where does the Holton-Twin Lake Lions Club meet?
Our meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at Kolbe Hall, 4860 Holton Road (M-120), just behind Long Range Archery.

What are some of the Holton-Twin Lake Lions Club's accomplishments?
In the past several years, the Holton-Twin Lake Lions have donated:

  • Over $11,000 to local charities and events.

  • Over $8,000 to children and youth activities.

  • Over $8,500 to Leader Dogs, Eyebank, Welcome Home for the Blind, and the Visually Impaired Camp

  • Over 50 pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses for those in our community who needed them

  • Over $20,000 for the enrichment of the Holton and Twin Lake communities.

We also bring in the Sightmobile for sight, hearing, and health screenings; and we have also collected used glasses and hearing aids for needy people overseas.
All Money Stays in the Holton-Twin Lake area!

For more information about our club and how you can help, contact Dan Eling.
Email addresses can be found on the Members page.